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Gluten Free Cannelloni Pasta 250g - Tenuta Marmorelle
Gluten Free Cannelloni Pasta 250g - Tenuta Marmorelle

Gluten Free Cannelloni Pasta 250g

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Our Gluten Free Cannelloni should be parboiled for 5 minutes, then removed and allowed to cool. You can then add the filling to the cannelloni, cover in sauce and finish in the oven.

Our gluten free pasta took almost 3 years to develop to get the best possible taste.

It is made just with corn flour rice flour and water, nothing else is added. Apart from the ingredients it is treated in the exact same way as our traditional pasta, being Bronze Drawn and Slow Dried. This means it doesn’t break apart or stick together like other gluten free pasta. We believe our gluten free pasta to be the best on the market and has been awarded multiple Great Taste Awards. The taste, texture and colour stand out in a class of its own.

With our 11 different shapes your whole family can enjoy pasta together...

Customer Reviews

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Gluten free cannelloni
Hi Yvonne, We believe our Gluten Free pasta to be the best on the market and many of our customers agree. The great thing about our Gluten Free Pasta is that the whole family can enjoy it as they would normal pasta. This saves two lots of cooking etc... Once again thank you for taking the time to send us your comments. Mike
Gluten Free
Hi Shobna, Thank you very much for the lovely review and it's wonderful that you are able to enjoy Cannelloni once again!! We take pride in the quality of our Gluten Free Pasta and you'll have to work you way through all the 11 other shapes we have!!! Thanks again, Vincent
GF Pasta
Hi Claire, Thank you very much for the review, very kind of you. You are right, the Cannelloni should be par boiled, even though it is Gluten Free it is still a very high quality pasta so par boiling is recommended. The wonderful taste is worth the extra effort!! Thanks once again and look forward to hearing back from you again soon. Vincent
Couldn’t tell the difference
Hi Steve, Thank you very much for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it!!! Our Gluten Free Pasta is the best on the market and made with only 3 ingredients - corn flour, rice flour and water. It is then bronze drawn and slow dried so is treated in the same way as 'regular' high quality pasta. Great that you enjoyed the Cannelloni, you'll have to try the other 11 shapes we have ;-) Thanks again, Vincent
Great pasta
Hi Mike, Thank you very much for the review and it's great that you enjoyed the Cannelloni. You'll have to try some of the other shapes!