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Calamarata Pasta Rigati Bronze Drawn 500g - Tenuta Marmorelle

Calamarata Pasta Rigati Bronze Drawn 500g

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Calamarata pasta is named after the calamari rings.  This pasta is traditionally used in costal regions of Italy as it lends itself so well to fish dishes including calamari!  This pasta is very popular in Calabria, Campania and Sicily.  This pasta is slow dried and bronze drawn and slow dried but also "rigati" which means that the pasta is ridged so that it holds the sauce a lot better.

Calamarata pasta is normally served with fish dishes but it is so versatile that it can be used with ragu or creamy sauces.  Our Calamarata pasta won a star in the Great Taste Awards.

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Bronze Drawn Calamarata Rigati
Hi V J Hull, Really delighted you enjoyed our pasta. Being slow dried and bronze drawn makes a big difference from the commonly available mass produced pasta. Thanks once again!