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Orecchiette Pasta 500g - Tenuta Marmorelle
Orecchiette Pasta 500g - Tenuta Marmorelle

Orecchiette Pasta 500g

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Orecchiette is the most famous pasta export Puglia and if you visit then you will have these in a variety of way!  The translation of Orecchiette is Little Ears as you will see from the shape.

Orecchiette is so versatile you can have it in so many different ways.  Here are some of our favourite:

Orecchiette with Cime di Rapa which is a stronger broccoli normally served with chilli.

Orecchiette with ricotta cheese; either served with a ragu or just as it is

Orecchiette with a simple tomato sauce. 

Orecchiette with fennel sausage and nduja

Customer Reviews

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So good!
Hi Fi, Thank you very much for the review, much appreciated! The Orecchiette is made for us by a small family producer in Puglia, Southern Italy and it's the region's most traditional type of pasta... Thanks again and look forward to hearing back from you again soon. Vincent
Excellent pasta
Hi Amanda, Thank you very much for taking the time to send through a review, really appreciate it. Orecchiette is the most traditional pasta from Puglia and gets its name from the fact that it is shaped like little ears... Look forward to hearing from you again, keep safe!!! Vincent
Authentic & delicious
Hi Steph, Thank you for the lovely review and wonderful photo, the dish looks amazing!!! The cooking time on the dried Orecchiette is longer than average but is well worth the wait!!! We do have Fresh Orecchiette, which cooks in just 5 minutes. Once again thank you for the review and your dish looks incredible!