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Pasta Sauce Smoked Pancetta (Amatriciana) 500g - Tenuta Marmorelle

Pasta Sauce Smoked Pancetta (Amatriciana) 500g

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Being from an Italian family we have always hesitated to introduce pasta sauce in a jar, until we had the perfect recipe. These are authentic Italian pasta sauces which will take you back to the best meal you could have in Italy.

Our Smoked Pancetta Pasta sauce, known as Amatriciana in Italian, is traditional to the Rome area, the sauce contains real pieces of Guanciale, a type of Italian bacon.

Our Pasta Sauces are Naturally Gluten Free being made with all gluten free ingredients and in a production plant where no ingredients using gluten are used.

Customer Reviews

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Hi Jackie, Thank you very much for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it. We genuinely believe our sauces are delicious and it's great to have confirmation from reviews like yours! We'll be adding more sauces soon... Thanks once again, Vincent
Hi Lindsay, Thank you very for taking the time to write a review, much appreciated! We think our Pasta Sauces are great but it is wonderful to hear you agree... the pieces of actual Pancetta make it a delicious sauce and naturally gluten free too! Enjoy and stay safe!!
Pasta and sauces galore!
Hi Susan, Thank you very much for taking the time to review, we really appreciate it. Lovely to hear such amazing praise for our products and the Pasta Sauces are truly amazing! We worked very hard to have a selection of Pasta Sauces we were happy to put our name on and match our high quality pasta!
Amatriciana Pasta Sauce
V J Hull, Thank you for your review. The depth and flavour is a result of the quality ingredients which are used in the traditional recipe of the sauce. Many thanks once again!